Friday, April 14, 2006

Civic Endeavour Awards 2006

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the North Down Borough Council Civic Endeavour Awards.

I feel that the Awards Evening is a very important date in the Town Hall calendar. Over the period of 11 years 45 people have been recognised in the fields of Voluntary Community Work, Service to the General Public, Service to the Environment and the Mayor’s Award. I am very pleased to have nominated 11 winners over the years within the various categories, and stress that this is only the tip of the iceberg of the many many people we have within our community who do so much good work. They are the unsung heroes of our Borough and I am privileged to have acknowledged but a few.

This year I nominated the successful candidate in the field of Voluntary Community Work, Nathan Erskine from Bangor Grammar School. I really felt it was about time that the young people of this Borough were given some recognition for the many good works which they carry out but seldom given any form of recognition.
Nathan is a young man totally committed to the welfare of other people, beginning with the love and care he gives to his family. He is involved with many groups and I will only mention two from a long list - Ballymagee Youth Club, the school’s community action team, which helps with Clifton Special School. He is also working towards his AS levels and gives of his all to the school. I am delighted and honoured to have nominated Nathan.

In the area of Service to the Environment I was again successful in nominating the winning candidate in this field, John McCormick. John is a local farmer who has dedicated his life to organic farming and his work is based on organic principles. He has developer an organic box scheme for delivering organic vegetables grown on his land. Again, I was very pleased to have recognised John for his very worthy role within our environment.

My third successful winner was for Service to the general Public. My nomination was for Elizabeth Forsythe or Tracey as I know her. She is one of the front line staff at Clifton Special School. A dedicated and caring person who loves her job and the children in her care. She has the confidence of the staff and parents in her work of travelling with children many with severe learning difficulties, to and from school. Once at school she blends their food and feeds the children on a one to one basis. Tracey is one of life’s givers and it was with sense of real pride I was able to nominate her and that she was successful.