Sunday, January 16, 2005

Smith UU Candidate

I am delighted to have been selected as the Ulster Unionist Candidate for Bangor West. This will be my 4th elections and on each occasion I have substantially increased my vote.
I have a proven track record and have been involved in all aspects of Council work. Particularly when it comes to working with and for constituents
I have been Deputy Mayor and Mayor and this year head up one of the Council's 5 main committees.
I am a member of the South Eastern Education and Library Board, as well as a non- executive director of the Ulster Community & Hospitals Trust.
My dedication and hard work are guaranteed in anything I tackle.

Birds slaughtered

I am appalled at the slaughter of the 2 dozen birds in Ward Park. Their aviary was broken into and the animals were killed by mindless thugs. Unfortunately 'appalled' is a word which appears much too often in our vocabulary. I hope that when the people who carried out this frenzied and sustained attack are caught their sentence will be meaningful and lengthy.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Water Service unsatisfactory

The Water Service will be upgrading the storm system in the Princetown Road area of Bangor.

I am appalled that this system will not completely stop the overflow of sewage into the Marine but merely reduce it!

I find this unacceptable and there is no doubt that the infrastructure of water and sewerage we have in North Down, Bangor and in particular Ballyholme is in many area out of date.

Campaigning for Equality

Marion Smith leads the way with a petition from North Down Borough Council asking as many residents to sign.

I recognize that we must pay water charges but all I am asking is that whatever charges are brought in they are fail and equable. Why should my elderly mother pay the same as a family of 4 or 5. Why should her domestic rating tax be used against her simply because she has saved and worked hard for her home. Do not doubt that the domestic rating system will be changed to one based on capital values.

The past 30 - 40 years have seen a water and sewage infrastructure which has not been upgraded. Now we are being told the government will introduce charges - but what it really is, we are being taxed again to have these vital services modernised. I ask what has been happening for the past 30 or more years to the money we have already paid?

Why are we having raw sewage flowing into the sea at Briggs Rocks at the rate equal to a population of some 92,000?

The petition is a beginning to our fight against these unfair taxes. Yes, we will pay - we have little or no option but it must be a fair system.