Monday, April 26, 2010

Problem - what Problem?

Buck Passing at it’s Best

“The residents of Bangor West have experienced another dose of road closures. There is no doubt that travelling by road in this area will be challenging.

The reason for this latest closure is quote “the proposed storm and foul sewer to be constructed will serve a new development of domestic units on the Bryansburn Road.”

Now we come to the interesting part. Once again the Planning Service approve an application, in total isolation. I have no problem with new storm and foul sewers being constructed. My problem is that the Planning Service do not appear to take issues such as major road disruption into their considerations.

As a conclusion to all of this, traffic is being diverted down the Brunswick Road, again total madness. This road had a primary school, several businesses and the local chapel, which will have services, weddings and funerals. It is a narrow road, where people do park outside their own homes. I do not think that the person who decided to send the volume of traffic there is in this area down the Brunswick Road can live in the area or know anything about it.

Problem? Not the Planning Service, not the Roads Service? Just another example of the men in grey suits making decisions with little or no coordination between departments.