Monday, April 26, 2010

Education Minister Difficulty with Sums

Education Minister’s mathematical skills stop at “division”

The issue of cuts to funding for preparatory departments and the activities of our wayward Education Minister were discussed at this week’s council meeting. The mere fact that this is being discussed at council level indicates the level of bad feeling across the community towards the Minister and her agenda.

Speaking during the debate, I stated that I thought she should be called - rather than Caitriona Ruane - Caitriona 'Ruin' because she does what she wants, when she wants and listens to no one. Reason flew out the window.”

Addressing the Minister’s most recent campaign against preparatory departments – and her decision to cut their funding by one third, I continued, the extra costs to the education system just don't make sense. She doesn't do addition and subtraction although she is very good at division.

Her policy as far as I can see is to destroy education in Northern Ireland.