Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friends of Bangor Community Hospital

As a Former Chairman and Founder of The Friends of Bangor Community Hospital we were pleased to report that we have had a successful year in fundraising.

The Friends are a small group of volunteers who over the years have raised almost £120,000. All of the money has gone towards making our hospital more comfortable in so many ways. We have provided equipment for almost every department within the hospital. This has ranged from chairs, tables, desks, carpets, trolleys and a hydraulic couch. In fact if an item was needed the Friends were more than happy to provide the finance. We have also been indebted to the many individuals and groups who have taken such an interest in The Friends and in our community Hospital. They have donated much-needed funds which help provide the many items of need.

During the past year we were very sad to learn of the death of the Chairman Mr Raymond Gordon. Raymond had a wonderful sense of humour and gave of his time without question to the needs of the hospital.

A few months ago, Miss Barbara Grant, who was a founder member and Vice Chair, stepped down from Committee. Barbara brought to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be sadly missed.

In April, as part of our fundraising, we arranged Gardeners’ Question Time. This was a popular event with many and proved to be not only an evening of fun but at the same time provided for those present and the BBC listeners a great deal of knowledge following the questions.

This year, our Annual General Meeting will take place in the Community Hospital in the Upper Seminar Room at 7pm on Monday 16th November 2009.